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Leadership Carroll County is a 9-month leadership program designed to assist in the development of the current and emerging leaders of Carroll County. The program takes participants through a series of personal and professional workshops while concurrently immersing them in all the resources our community has to offer. 

The goal - To produce better citizens, employees, elected officials, and leaders in our community. 

If you feel that this program could benefit you or someone you know, please enter your information below and we will gladly be in touch. 

  • Identify and expand the leadership base of individuals who will assume active roles in our communities.

  • Develop leadership capacity by providing the necessary personal and professional training.

  • Increase involvement in government, supporting agencies, civic, and non-profit organizations for the benefit of the entire county.

  • Influence positive change in the county through individual and collective leadership.

  • Build a spirit of unity by exploring the history and unique assets in Carroll County.


Personal assessment

Civic engagement



Community resources

Education Ecosystem

Economic Development

Capstone Project
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The curriculum includes a combination of robust personal leadership and development topics as well as information about the county and current issues. We will look to utilize a combination of local resources and nationally recognized leadership development programs. ​

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August 17 - Kickoff Program (full Day)
September 14 - Who are WE (Half Day)
October 12 - Learning Across Generations (Half Day)

November 9 - Government Day (Half Day)
December 14 - Carroll County Not for Profits (Half Day)
January 11 - Public Health and Human Services (Half Day)
February 8 - Education and Workforce Development (Half Day)

March 8 - Diversity and Inclusion (Half Day)
April 12 - Now What (Half Day)

May 10 - Graduation (Half Day)

Supporting Sponsors:

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Interested in joining the 2022-2023 Leadership Cohort?

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